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Traffic Offenses

Motorists are expected to obey all traffic laws in Maryland. If you are accused of violating the law, you might receive a ticket or citation. In some cases, such as when you are accused of reckless driving or impaired driving, you may actually face arrest and criminal charges. Whether you get a simple ticket or are charged with a traffic crime, a Maryland traffic lawyer can help you to fight fines, penalties, and threats to your driver’s license. To learn more, call and schedule a consultation with an experienced criminal lawyer in Maryland today.

How a Maryland Traffic Lawyer Help?

Some traffic offenses, like impaired driving, could result in a criminal conviction, jail time, large fines, the suspension of your license, and a permanent criminal record. Others just result in a fine and a black mark on your driving record.

However, every traffic offense needs to be taken seriously. If you are cited for a moving violation and you admit guilt by paying the ticket, this can result in demerit points against your license. Insurance rates could rise and too many points could eventually lead to a license suspension.

You can fight accusations that you broke traffic laws, but you should have legal help to do it. A Maryland traffic lawyer can advise you on options for responding to the accusations against you and can be your advocate in court. An attorney can assist with getting a not guilty verdict by challenging evidence and introducing reasonable doubt, or can help you to negotiate and explore options for reducing penalties and consequences of conviction.

Many defendants accused of a violation of traffic laws do not realize the long-term implications of a conviction for a traffic offense. If you simply pay the ticket that you have received, this is an admission of guilt. The resulting black mark on your driving record could make you ineligible for some jobs which require a clean driving history and could have long-term financial consequences due to higher premiums for auto insurance. Fighting the ticket successfully could help you to avoid these undesirable outcomes.

Traffic Laws in Maryland

There are many different laws in Maryland which govern how motorists must operate their vehicles. According to Maryland Transportation Code Section 21-102 motorists have an obligation to know the rules set forth for driving. Motorists are prohibited from doing certain acts specified in the Transportation Code, like following too closely behind another car, and are required to do other acts like obeying all traffic control signals.

The fines and other consequences which are imposed for acts or omissions in violation of the Transportation Code will vary depending upon the specific offense. The District Court of Maryland provides a summary of these consequences. For example, failure to yield the right-of-way in an intersection after a green traffic signal could result in a $90 fine and one point on a driver’s license, while failure to stop at a red light before a right turn results in two points and a $90 fine. Police officers use a few different methods and technologies to detect a person’s speed.

An experienced Maryland traffic lawyer can explain possible consequences of the offenses you have been accused of and can help to explore ways to avoid or reduce penalties.

Getting Help from a Maryland Traffic Lawyer

You have a limited time to respond when accused of a traffic offense and you must respond to avoid further penalties, including the potential a bench warrant will be issued for your arrest. Contact a Maryland traffic lawyer for help determining how best to defend yourself from a charge.