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Speeding tickets can be costly and inconvenient, but they can also be more than just a hassle. A speeding ticket in Montgomery County can stay on your driver’s record for years, adding points to your license and increasing your insurance rates. If you have received a speeding citation, you will need the assistance of an experienced Montgomery County speeding ticket lawyer. An experienced criminal lawyer in Montgomery County can help protect your record and minimize the penalties as much as possible.

Speeding Citations in Maryland

If you are pulled over, it is possible to receive a speeding violation, even if you were only exceeding the speed limit by a few miles per hour. Many times, police officers who want to stop a vehicle for any reason will use a minor speed limit violation as an excuse to stop a car they otherwise would have no justification to pull over.

Excessive driving speed can further complicate a speeding violation. Going significantly faster than the posted speed limit can potentially land a driver with a criminal reckless driving charge, in addition to a speeding ticket.

How Can a Montgomery County Speeding Ticket Attorney Help?

Regardless of how fast you were accused of going, your Montgomery County speeding ticket attorney can help you by seeking to have the violation reduced to a lesser charge, have your fees waived, or have the citation dismissed altogether.  He or she can also work to keep points off your driver’s license, and can even negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf.

Your Maryland speeding ticket attorney can also dispute the evidence against you, if you feel it is inaccurate.  It is possible that the speed detection equipment malfunctioned, or the police officer made a mistake in his or her interactions with you or in issuing the ticket.

Maryland Speeding Ticket Penalties

Penalties in Maryland for receiving a speeding ticket depend on several factors, including how many miles per hour you are accused of driving over the speed limit, whether you were traveling in a protected zone, such as near a school or through a road work area, and whether you have any prior driving related charges on your record, including speeding tickets, drunk driving charges, or other moving violations that can result in points against your license. Fines for various driving offenses, including speeding, are fixed throughout the state.

Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) Point System

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) assigns points against a driver’s license for various violations, which can result in suspension, restriction or revocation of driving privileges. Drivers who receive between 5 and 7 points within a two year period may have to attend a mandated driving improvement program, while 8 to 11 points results in license suspension and 12 points triggers an automatic license revocation.  Commercial drivers may also have their professional driving privileges revoked or suspended.

If you believe a license suspension or revocation is unfair, your speeding ticket lawyer in Montgomery County can request a hearing before the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration in order to dispute the sentence or request limited driving privileges during a suspension, such as the ability to drive only to work or school.