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Traffic Offenses

A traffic violation can range from a simple speeding ticket to a serious moving violation that carries criminal penalties. Regardless of where your alleged offense falls on the spectrum, it may be in your best interest to find a Howard County traffic lawyer who can fight the ticket or defend against criminal penalties associated with your traffic charge.

Your lawyer should be able to answer your questions and give a fair assessment of your case without making false promises of guaranteed results. Call today to learn more about how our Howard County defense attorneys can help you.

Working With an Attorney

In some cases, it may be easiest to simply pay the fine associated with a traffic ticket. However, there are several instances in which having an experienced Howard County traffic attorney on your side can help immeasurably:

  • You live out of town or out of state, and you need someone to appear in court on your behalf
  • A ticket on your driving record could lead to expensive, high-risk insurance premiums
  • You have accumulated enough MVA points against your record that this incident could cause license suspension
  • You drive for a living, and a blemish on your driving record could have professional consequences
  • You are accused of driving while suspended or driving without a license, insurance, or registration
  • You are accused of a serious traffic violation, such as reckless driving, aggressive driving , DUI, or hit-and-run

Our traffic lawyers in Howard County understand the ins and outs of the Maryland Traffic Code, the defenses available to you, and the extent of the potential penalties you may face. During a free consultation, your lawyer can explain whether it is in your best interest to fight the ticket or charge, and you can begin exploring possible defense options.

Traffic Charges and Penalties in Howard County

Many traffic tickets are simple citations that result in only a fine. While these may be inconvenient, many people choose to just pay the fine and put the incident behind them. In some cases, you may wish to fight even a basic speeding ticket. The traffic stop may have been unfair or illegal, or you may have been wrongfully accused, It may also be necessary to fight other potential outcomes, such as too many points against your license, complications with probation, or other negative consequences of a traffic violation.

Some Maryland traffic offenses are more serious, and these require a defendant to appear before the Howard County District Court. In any court appearance, it is important to have legal representation from a lawyer equipped to handle your case.

Serious traffic violations include the following:

Traffic Penalties

Penalties for traffic violations may include fines, DMV demerit points, driver’s license suspension, traffic safety education, probation, and even jail time. Working with an attorney can help you avoid any unnecessary consequences.

Consulting a Traffic Lawyer in Howard County

If you wish to fight a speeding ticket in Howard County, or you have been accused of a serious traffic violation, schedule a free consultation with an attorney to ask questions and get answers about your case.

Every local court has its nuances and procedural quirks, and so it’s important to work with a legal advocate who practices regularly in the court where your charges will be heard. To learn more about your defense options, contact one of the experienced Howard County traffic attorneys at our firm today.